How to copy QuoVadis data between two computers

  • Hi,

    I have two copies of QuoVadis, on my PC and on a laptop. I would like to be able to copy the data from one to the other. I tried copying the complete folder "QV7 Data" but this gave a start up error on the receiving computer and the system asked me to re-activate the program. It also can't find my maps which are in different locations on the two computers. What is the correct way to transfer data please?

    Thanks, Bill

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  • Hello Bill,

    to transfer your Data you only have to copy the qu5 Folder with the inside Databases (*. qv5db-Files) in your QV7 Data Folder.

    If your maps are in different folders on the two computers a complete copy of your Databases will fail, because the QV-Databases also store the Links to the maps. If you copy these Databases to the new Computer, QV only knows the wrong link to your maps.

    You have to options: If you would like to sync all your Data from one computer to another, you have to store all Maps in the same Directory structure on both computers.

    Option two: Divide your Data in QV between Databases with maps and Databases with all the other stuff. Don't touch the map-Databases and synchronize only the Databases with the other stuff.



  • A tip to automate copying directories between computers: I sync QV database and maps between my desktop and laptop using Syncthing. Once you set it up it just constantly sync without intervention.

  • What exactly do you want to restore?

    If you have done a quick backup, than all your databases, serial numbers and the unlocking key for the backend up computer is stored in the zip file. Simply unzip it and copy the wished data to c:\users\public\qv7_data\