• Hello Valerio Artina,

    There is no chance to import this map in TTQV4. Also in the other version of QuoVadis software.

    The problem is also not due to the software, CompeGPS must provide the driver!



    BELAeasy MACAU

    AMD Phenom II X2 550 3,1 GHz W10/64_Pro (8 GB RAM, NVIDIA™ Geforce GT 710, 6143 MB), .NET 3,5/4/4.5
    Intel Atom x5-z8350, 1,44 GHz W10/64_Pro (4 GB RAM,) Intel HD 400 Grafik, 64 GB eMMC

    ER v4, QVM-W v3.1.21 (LUMIA 550, wp10), QVM-A v3.2.2 (CYRUS CS 24 Work), QV7 PU v7.4.0.3, QVX PU v1.0.3.8