Issue with latest update of QuoVadis X

  • Hi

    With latest update of QVX we noticed that when we try to make multiple track files under one database show on the map, the screen automatically zooms out to show the full map instead of staying where it was (as previously). It's quite inconvenient as we lose the spot we were looking at and have to re-locate it every time. Just wondering if we could please have it back to pre-update or if there is anything we could do to stop the screen zooming out.

    Also not sure if it's just us recently the map crashing happens quite often than previous...

    Many thanks in advance:)

    Best regards


  • Hi Mia,

    "Show in Map" just shows the tracks, meaning it zooms to extents of the tracks. That's new, more logic behavior and was changed recently.

    If you just want to add tracks to the map, drag them from the list into map window and make sure that this setting is unchecked:

    Can you reproduce the crashes? Are you using dev-version or release?

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