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    How do I get more rights so I don't get the following message when trying to use DocuWIKI. :)
    Sorry, you don't have enough rights to continue.
    I'm using QVM-W. I have an ID and password for the forum, but it doesn't work with Docuwiki.

    Hi Jockel,…er-elevation-models-dem-2

    10meter_dem - 10 meter resolution 7.5 minutes 24k blocks

    AGRC has been populating its FTP site with DEMs for the State of Utah. There is currently a statewide coverage of 10, 30, and 90 meter dems. They are in a self extracting format (.exe).

    In order to make the .dem file useable it needs to be converted into a Raster/Grid. In the ArcMap 9.x toolbox use the Conversion Tool - DEM to Raster. With ArcInfo workstation use the DEMLATTICE command. Make sure your folder names or directory structure does not contain spaces.

    When downloading the DEMs from this site make sure they have not been renamed to a .txt extension ie. o11340.exe.txt. If they have the .txt extension simply rename to only have the .exe extension ie. o11340.exe.

    I hope the above web site and information helps.

    Thank you, Jockel


    The TTQV5 database has one .gmg DEM file. I have access to .dem files that should show more 3D detail.

    Can you modify TTQV5 to use .dem files? The file is to large to attach but I could e-mail one to you.

    I see the following paragraph in the English manual on page 35.

    "At the bottom of the window the status bar which summarizes important information on the actual mouse and cursor position like the coordinates, the distance and bearing between mouse and cursor position, the magnetic offset or the name of the country. You will also find a Show in Map button there (center) and a button to switch between several crosshair designs."

    I don't have the Show in Map or Crosshair Buttons in the status bar.

    The progression arrow is displaying as it should after reinstalling the software. Track replay is working great, however the progression arrow always points east. Do you have a way to set the arrow so it points in the direction of travel?

    I haven't downloaded a track from my GPS. The arrow might point in the direction of travel with a downloaded track. I will check that out later today.

    Thanks for the help from you guys.

    Dale :pr:

    When a 1:250K map is loaded the replay proceeds from start to end without the progression arrow.

    When two 1:24K maps ard loaded the replay proceeds from the start to beginning of the second map then the progression stops.

    The six original maps were all 1:24K maps.

    When running Track Simulation with 6 maps loaded as an overlay the screen isn't changing as the track replay moves from one map to another map.

    I don't see the progression arrow either.

    The maps are loaded in 2D mode.

    The TTQV installation is now okay and I don't need to uninstall/reinstall. After clicking the altitude location displayed at the bottom of the screen, Explorer opened displaying the DEM folder. I was able the Delete two DEMs, and then import my good DEM.

    Now everything is working as it should.

    Hi Jockel,

    Should I wait for a TTQV upgrade fixing the problem of dying after encountering a DEM file import error or should I uninstall and reinstall.

    I can't delete the DEM folder or install another DEM.


    I successfully installed one DEM file and then I downloaded a NED Zip folder and tried to import another file. During the import an error displayed. I think it was Error 0001, but I'm not sure.

    Now when DEM is clicked Touratech QV closes.

    Explorer list two DEM Files but i can't open the DEM folder to delete the bad DEM.

    Should I uninstall and reinstall TTQV?


    Jockel gave me the following solution and it solved the problem.

    - locate all files in TTQV4 program folder (thus no path is needed)
    - only small letters in naming
    - save as 256colors bmp with RLE encoding (no need, simply smaller)
    - rename *.bmp to *.bm

    Thanks Jockel!!!!


    I have created my own overview map.

    When File then Overview is clicked in version 2.5 I see the map listed.

    In version 4 I don't see the map listed.