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    Hello, i am using QV and i want to update the software as proposed when i open it. But i get a dialog box telling me " request stopped. No way to create a secured canal SSL/TLS ". I looked for in the net to have a solution, but it seems to be quite complicated. Does somebody has an easier solution ? thanks a lot . Didier

    Bonjour, Following your proposal, i tried many options as using Pulkovo but the changes were very small. It appear that after the calibration 3 geocalibration were good but the Bottom left corner was wrong. For exemple with the map E-7D, instead of N48° - E 88° which was the Bottom left corner, i got N 48°0'55'' and E 88°7'38'' with QV. So, i change the calibration of this corner as follows; 88° less 7'38" ie 87°52'22". And by this way, the calibration is quite good enough all around the map.

    After trying many options, i think that this one is the best even if not the better.

    Thanks for your help. Didier