Introducing the all new QuoVadis X

  • Hello,

    after two years of work we are happy to present the new QuoVadis X today.

    It has been rewritten from scratch, consistently as a 64-bit application, and is available for Windows 64 and macOS.

    For the first time the whole memory of the computer can be used and the performance has increased significantly.

    As with QV-Mobile, the database format is now SQLite, which brings the two families even closer together, because databases can now be copied directly in both directions without prior conversion. Of course there are import functions to take over the QV7 DBs.

    A major change is the activation, which now works without serial numbers and simply queries the QV-Shop account.

    And there is finally a real Apple Mac version, without Windows emulator or bootcamp, just native macOS.

    Maybe some of you expected a QV8, but that was not possible anymore, because the QV7 is already 13 years old.

    We believe that QVX is a great platform for the next 13 years. Of course the development is not finished. As always it will go on and on and you are invited to post here in the forum what you are missing, what you can't do yet or whatever you want to tell us.

    Please also have a look at the Wiki, there is a lot of information in it.

    In this sense

    Have fun with the new QuoVadis X

    Tom & Jockel

    "Wenn Du tust, was Du immer getan hast, wirst Du bekommen, was Du immer bekommen hast!" Abraham Lincoln

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