Using maps from TTQV4

  • Hi all

    Using TTQV4 for more than 10 years, I am now a little bit lost in QV7 specially with the automap function X(

    In TTQ4, we could have more than one map to cover a whole country and we could pass from one map to another while GPS online or offline.

    It seems that in QV7, Automap is not running correctly :(

    So .... how to re-use my old maps in QV7 without having to merge them in one map ?

    thx for your help


  • Hi jm,

    QV7 is much more powerful than QV4. The concept of automap is no more necessary.

    Use the project manager to open several maps at the same time (map overlay).


    BTW: QV4 is outdated for already 15 years.


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